10-20 limit hold em

There is a player in 10-20 limit hold em who always uses the maximum time bank on every decision. This can make every hand that he is involved in take 3 or 4 minutes. He does this purposely to ruin the games. He has been doing this for years. I assume you won’t ban this guy because he isn’t breaking any rules. If you won’t ban him, can you make heads up limit hold em tables so players have the option to not play with this guy? With only 6 max tables, players have no option but to play with him and it is not fun at all.


i can see how thatd suck

I wonder if he’s using a solver to help him with his decisions?

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I wonder how that works

or maybe this guy works for bovada?

Whenever the high stakes tables do this, I have no other reason to believe its anything but this. With the evolution of solvers lately, it’s very likely and with how much more simple and solvable limit holdem is, it’s almost guaranteed IMO.

This is why bovada needs screen names!!!

While I agree the anon tables can be annoying, I also believe it keeps the games looser in the 100-200NL tables as I’ve seen far more bad bluffs here lately than other US facing sites. Both cash and tournaments.

If people can hide, I think they’re more likely to overbluff