10 Anniversary July Sports Competetion

Itsssssssss time. Our July Sports Leaderboard continues. Choose the winners of the 10 selections and points will be awarded to all players in the top 10. The winner/s of the competition will receive a $500 prize divided between the player/s who select the most winners on the head to head matchups.

If there are any ties in the top 10 then points will be evenly distributed among the places. For example, 1 player finishes in 1st, would receive 10 points, but then 3 players tie for second; we will add up 2nd,3rd,4th place points (9+8+7=24) and evenly distribute 8 points to the 3 members and then continue to 5th place and so on. No matter how many ties we have we will provide a minimum of 1 point to all eligible players. For instance if 7 players tie for 10th they will each get a single point as opposed to 1/7.

Keep an eye on each game as they all have different closing times based on when the game is scheduled.

Rules are as follows:

  1. To receive a bonus, winning accounts must have made at least 1 deposit.
  2. Prize pool will be split among all players that chose the most correct answers.
  3. Players will not be able to see other selections until the Poll has closed. You may change your vote at anytime before that time.
  4. Bonuses will be issued within 24 hours after the end of the last game played.
  5. All bonuses will be issued with standard rollover of 5X Horses/Sports, 3X Poker Points, 20X Casino

Who will win Friday at 7:00pm ET

  • Boston Red Sox
  • New York Yankees

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Who will win Friday at 8:00pm ET

  • Chicago White Sox
  • Minnesota Twins

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Who will win Saturday at 2pm ET

  • Brian Ortega
  • Yair Rodriguez

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Who will win Saturday at 7:00pm ET

  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • San Francisco Giants

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Who will win Saturday at 7:30pm ET (Draw will equal a void)

  • Philadelphia Union
  • New England Revolution

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Who will win Saturday at 8:30pm ET

  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • San Diego Padres

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Who will win Sunday at 1:30pm ET

  • Atlanta Braves
  • Washington Nationals

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Who will win Sunday at 1:30pm ET

  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Miami Marlins

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Who will win Sunday at 2:15pm ET

  • New York Mets
  • Chicago Cubs

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Who will win Sunday at 2:30pm ET

  • Seattle Mariners
  • Texas Rangers

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Good luck everyone.


Luck is the only way I could possibly cash in this!


I have faith in you :slight_smile:

Ha ha. Totally unwarranted, believe me. Most of these picks are baseball games. I don’t follow baseball at all. I had to look up the standings to see which teams had better records. I couldn’t name two MLB players. The only I know is Sho Time. And I don’t know his name. OK, Bryce Harper. That’s 2. So if I get 6 right I’ll be surprised! Poker is my only hope in this competition.

Good luck everyone!

Good luck guys!!!

Total crap shoot. Know absolutely nothing about these teams

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GLHF everyone

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Votes are in thank you

I made a few changes

I started out 0 for 2! Not at all surprising. I don’t follow baseball at all. Next month I will start a service, offering you my picks via private message for $10. Knowing who I pick will ensure that can win big by doing the OPPOSITE! :rofl:

Seriously, I hope the rest of you are doing well.

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YanKees mess a lot of people up even though twins got me

Nice. Can’t wait

Well didnt get to play on fridays games…but lets see if i can make a comeback haha


Awful way to lose the UFC fight if you were on Ortega like I was…

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Same here man. Sucks.

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How did he lose?

Dislocated shoulder when they were grappling.