10 Anniversary May Sports Competition

The guardians result is the game going on right now correct? Please confirm mods

They’ll either make the competition out of 9 picks or use the first game played between the 2. Guards v tigs
This is based on previous situations.

You probably got to be 10/10 to win this thing. I know I missed 2. Probably out lol

You’re probably right man. I have two maybe three wrong depending on the Guardians match. C’s and Blues were my huckleberries. Good luck homie!

Yeah we shall see how these last few games go. Good luck to all.

I got 6 out of 10 if mavs win. I know it won’t be enough to place but GG everyone!

Pretty sure I went 6/10 too

I might of gone 0/10. Next time I’ll pick the opposite of my choice, I would of won

I think I’m like 6/10 damn smh

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Is the blue one my pick or who won?

The blue picks are your picks

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Thanks!. They should also do something similar to show the winner of the game as it would be hard for someone to watch all of these games.

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have winners been announced?


Apologies for the delay here, the site issues had us a bit behind. With no further ado your winners with 9 correct:


They will split $250 a piece, and receive 10 points on the leaderboard.

With a total of 8 correct:


You will all share 33 points rounded up and get 6 points a piece for the leaderboard.

Last but not least:


All share the last 3 points, rounded up is 1 point a piece.


@Ryan_Bovada Preciate the generous rounding up for that 1 point fam✊

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I don’t even know where said leaderboard is but I was hype af just to get a notification!

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The leaderboard is HERE.

I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this community and all it offers.
Do these competitions run monthly? TIA

Yes they do!