10th Anniversary Spins March Opt In

As noted in our Leaderboard Competition page as part of our 10 Year anniversary campaign we’ll be giving out some free spins, and all you need to do is provide screenshots of the amount won during these spins or your transactions page if not able to get the game in play.

We’ll be giving out spins to new and relevant slot games to try out, so please provide any feedback you have along with the screenshot of your multiplier or free spin wins. (Keep that print screen button ready!) The highest free spin wins will be ranked in the top 10 and points will be awarded to players each month. Note that the value of the spins may differ, but this is more as a free tryout to games and prizes that will be given out at the end of the month/year.

Note that all screenshots will be reviewed for accuracy.

Poll will close this Sunday, and going forward these events will be randomly offered during each Month so make sure to visit the Community often to keep up to date!

So with all that said, who wants some free spins?

Free Spins
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One last thing, the spins will be provided to accounts the same month after the opt in button has closed.


Thank you @Ryan_Bovada looking forward to hitting a jackpot with these spins :cowboy_hat_face: :joy:


Cool promotion thanks


Sweet. Very cool


When do we get the free spins?


How soon???

Do we get to keep the money we win during the free spins? :slight_smile:

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We will let you know when the spins are to be issued, and yes you do get to keep the winnings.


Thanks great competition for the community!!

I opted in. The best spin I’ve ever got was actually on reels and wheels it sent me to the wheel and I hit that x200 or whatever that one is my eyes suck I can’t see those numbers so small.

1500 bucks sure wish I had spun a better win before getting the x200

Appreciate the opportunity thanks!

I hope this happens soon so we can use the profits for Championship week or the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

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Love bovada….can’t wait to get the free spins!!

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Finally a cool competition. Thanks for stepping up.

Credit where credit is due

Is there a max amount that can be won on the spins or can it be as high as a jackpot ( or possibly more… aka infinite)?


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Thank you guys very much this is sweet

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We will provide more information once we receive it.


How do we opt in?

@Crystalgirly Just going to need to click the circle beside ‘opt in’ at the top of the page

Seems exciting hopefully worth the wait!! Thnx Bovada