20 minutes to find chat rep

you guys should change the fact that you obly have 29 minutes to a find a live agent via chat before you are disconnected and then have to start all over at the back of the queue over and over again hoping for the best… it is very frustrating.

overall your support staff are extremely friendly and helpful but i can never reach them half the time

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i cant place bets no one will get back to me it just keeps saying log into place bets . i already had so i log out log back in same thing . they wont answer me .

Hi @Victorcook, can you please try clearing your browser history along with cache and site data for all time and retry to log to your Bovada account using google chrome.

Hi @Ccarroll203, we’re sorry to learn that you are having issues getting connected to live support. Due to the high volume contact, it may take a longer time than normal to get connected. You can send us a PM with your inquiry and we’ll see if that is something we can help you with.

yeahh no i understand that but my point is the ahould just be a wait queue until its your turn not have to retry every 20 min if you dont find someone

How do I change my phone on BOVADA, I just got a new phone number and I don’t have access to the old one but everytime I try to change it, it’s send the code to the old phone but I don’t have that number any more
Thanks you