55%RTP $5 spins 5k deposits

I’ve deposited over 30 times in the last two days and have played multiple games. I have deposited over 5k betting consistently $5 a spin and have them giving me a RTP on average of 55%. Today alone, my highest payout on a free spin feature or regular spin was $92.00. Second most was $42.00. I seriously wonder about the integrity of this website now. It’s makes no sense that anyone person can jump from game to game and get those same percentages on every game.


I’ve never gone this long without a hit. Not even a small hit at this point. And I’ve played for a long long time.

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If I had to choose and my life was on the line on whether or not the payout percentages were manually changed with Bovada and developers, I would choose that option over just bad luck.

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I think the crypto crash killed more them than we know. Maybe to the point of losing it all. Play again once we hit a crypto bullrun. They owe us :slight_smile:

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Yeah, see I just keep telling myself to leave. If that’s their integrity level than screw them. “Let’s tighten the slots because our luck on our own gambles has not gone our way
On btc and hack.” Then pass their misfortunes on to people like us. Nah, I’m good! Karma runs full circle though.

there are a few other sites out there for slots that have legitimate return rates even some that provide return rate information AND are permitted/monitored. check those out and stay off of bovadas casinos it is blatantly fixed right now. The new jackpots are even more of blatant bovada hand in players pocket move. I have asked multiple times and no information on return rates, requirements to hit a jackpot or what is done if bovada fails to give out a jackpot in the allotted time has been provided. Too easy for Bovada to throw out bots and agents to slots to hit jackpots and it would never be noticed. Enough gambling is legal in the US now Bovada is just taking as much as they can before they become obsolete since they will never get permitted and have refused to get permitted where it is legal.


From what I have seen of people posting on the boards, most people seem to have an RTP of around 60-70%. I agree that it is getting to a point where it is not fun anymore cause you lose so quickly. Hopefully Bitcoin goes up soon, then maybe we will see a spike in the rtp as well.


Finally, lots of good info. I really appreciate you taking the time to inform me/us. Would you mind if I send you a couple questions on your thoughts or knowledge on this industry?

To be honest, I don’t care anymore. I’m not going to be around to see it. I’m not let some company dictate their casino based on the value of btc. I just hope more people follow suit and then they can start asking themselves where they went wrong. Company is way to big and should never get away with that shit.

I agree. One day you go on and win on every game you play. Get a decent cash out. Then it completely shuts off for your next 10 deposits. I’m over it as well. I can see the writing on the wall.

@swilliams319 Over the last week you have an RTP of 98%


Here we go with the idiot comments again. 98% is still losing genius. Let’s look at the month or all time. I’m sure I’ll hear crickets when I ask for my all time RTP. You guys don’t have that data.

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I understand the frustration but if every slot had an RTP of over 100% no casino would ever be open.


I’m just not sure why you make these comments dude. It’s so obvious what happens. You win on every game one day. Then for days you can’t find a hit. You understand the frustration? Seriously you’re site should’ve been shut down weeks ago for what was happening and you have the nerve to come at me? You guys were taking deposits with a site that wasn’t functioning. Process that for a second.

dont play here. its rigged as hell. the mods can play dumb all they want but its all fixed. lmao

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Still waiting on my all time Bovada RTP. Probably be waiting till the next update.

Let it go man…Bovada lost 50% of its existence in the past 2 months with BTC crash…… so how anyone can believe the company can continue to operate normally is beyond me.

You are 100% right that RTP has been drastically decreased…. And the gaming software providers would 100% adjust the algorithm for online casinos. Simply bc if bovada fails so do they.

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I would be a massive hypocrite if I didn’t post that yesterday started like it has been for the past 72 hours or so. I was down another 500.00 on top of the 6k with the worst free spin payouts and probably 60RTP. Then everything changed in like 40 minutes. I went from 80.00 to 6k betting 5.00 a spin and moved to 8.00. Regardless, those hold %’s over that many spins at $5.00 was the worst I have ever seen (probably 25k worth)

I saw it last night too… it was short lived. But RTP was normal for a short minute

Yeah as a degenerate better, I feel like it cycles through players at a certain point. Like the higher ups either know or can control if your gonna win or not beforehand.