A lot of your rewards point trade ins make no sense and should be changed

For example looked at the screenshot below,
one of the trade ins are spending $37.50 in value for a 25 dollar credit, the other is spending 25 dollars in reward money for a 20 dollar sit and go jackpot. Your valuations here make absolutely no sense.


I understand what you’re saying here, though I believe the difference is that Poker Tickets and the bonus don’t have as much rollover. The $25 bonus comes with 1 X and the Poker ticket doesn’t really have any other than the restriction to play Poker. Essentially you’re paying a higher price for less rollover on the bonus.


The rollovers are lower. They have one where you pay 50 for 100 but the rollovers are at 5 for sports and 30 or 25 for casino.

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Is a 2x to 1x rollover really worth a 50% price increase though? This is site feedback, I’d say almost everyone would say no and can’t see many people selecting that option at all. And the only time they probably ever have is on accident

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I’m certainly not arguing, it is feedback and something to consider for sure. I was just pointing out the assumed reasoning behind marketing’s offers, but obviously the actual numbers here are something to discuss.

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It would be nice to see some new and fresh options rolled out. Especially for those of us that have used up the ones you can only purchase once/a few times.


Hey ryan can you ask the promotions team if they can add new rewards under the rewards section I posted a pic . Since becoming legend I don’t understand how I have had a down grade !?

Those are my only options besides poker which I don’t play on this platform ?

I’ve moved this over here as it seems to be closer to the actual inquiry. It does seem the marketing team has updated these offers over the last week or so and removed some of the previous offers/updating new ones.

Ultimately this is at their discretion but we’ll try to see if we can get more information regarding this at our next meeting. It may be a bit before we have a response however.


Thank you …

No offense @Ryan_Bovada, but I am really sick of the constant use of the word “DISCRETION”…

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there should be better rewards all together and more consistent

never know when im getting cash back

lose 1000 in one day and never get any rewards

makes no sense


I feel the same way why not a casino rake back or rebate of some sort. We all know the slots and casino games are this books bread and butter . Why not implement a fixed rate based on rewards level rookie 5% legend 10% hall of fame 15% etc . With a cap for each one rookie most can get back is 100$ Legend 250$ hof 500$ something along these line not on just loses as cash back is but just on play bet size etc … the reward points is not the answer especially if most of the levels are the exact same once u get to all star there really isn’t a difference . Idk just a thought