A New Way to Spend Reward Points

To echo off of what Destro is suggesting in another post, what about reward point cash games? Reward point Sit and Go’s?

Back in the day I used to play on this one ultimate site that has since gone defunct for Superuser problems. They used to offer so many different ways to spend reward points. They had ring games played with reward points, including reward point rake. Sit and Go’s spent with reward points as well. To elaborate, instead of redeeming reward points, you’d play with them. Example, Ring game buy in with blinds of 500-1000 reward points or sit and go’s with 10000 reward point buy ins that have the same prize pool payout structure (and rake) as a regular cash sit and go.

Would be a great differentiator for Bovada. No other site online offers this kind of thing anymore. Considering all the complaints from customers about how the rewards on Bovada aren’t what they used to be, this would be an easy way to offer something more without adding a new reward system or Cashback or anything like that.


And i know they do tickets to super bowl in competitions. How about an entire new prize pool structure.

I agree it does seem as though they could re-vamp this… heck … have a Bovada line of clothing/ merchandise to sell their service a bit better.

Youd think theyd be doing whatever it takes in marketing as new avenues open for sports betting.


I agree! I would totally spend an unfair amount of reward points on Bovada branded decks of cards. Maybe not clothing, but gaming related mateirial.

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