"Accept all odd changes" button when live betting

Please fix this. Add a “accept all changes to odds” button. It’s getting very annoying when you try to bet on -110 and the odds change to -150 and the bet cancels, but were it to change to +120 it goes through. Either cancel all changes to the odds or don’t cancel then. So many other site use this.


Hi @Thanos3095,

We appreciate the idea given as we do see how this can be of help. We will have it reported to the Sports Team and once they have update we can share what was informed.


This has been brought up a whole lot here and will never get implemented cuz the status quo benefits Bovada at our expense.


Definitely a helpful feature to add. I’ve had it go both ways with bovada. Depending the sport and how much time is left I’ve definitely lucked out on odds changing from -120 to plus odds and wager ends up winning a little extra.

I think how I’ve seen it on other sites is that all odds changes up to a certain % change can be automatically accepted. If change is too big you have to reconfirm which makes sense.

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Bro exactly if the odds change in there favor they will rip you off every chance but when the odds go against you they don’t care


It defeats the purpose of live betting, seeing as how the odds constantly change, Ot will keep canceling your wager until you have the less desirable odds.

For real. I live bet UCLA vs AZ state.

Was at -115 ML. After it loads it shows -175. Lol. Wtf??

Especially in NBA, where literally every bucket changes the odds.

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Worse times are. When you live bet +3.5, when it loads it changes to -2 and confirms bet. Like who wanted to bet that??

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Yeah, this especially affects spreads

This brings back memories.
Yall ever had a live bet that won, but bovada void it after? Saying the odds didn’t update properly?? Lol!!!


I live bet the knicks +7.5 couple months back in the 4th. Won the bet and bovada void that the next day after it was graded a win.

I was mad. Real mad. Cuz earlier that day I bet 10k on a soccer match and lost. That live bet on knicks was gonna bring me close to even for the day.

Yea I’ve done it by mistake few times (just clicking too fast without reading prompts).

Although the accept all odds changes feature shouldn’t do that because it’s a line change and not an odds change. Line changes usually have to be reconfirmed by user.

I just wish it was instant…instead of processing for 30 seconds trying to see if it favors bovada or not. When I click submit it should submit the bet to whatever number was there.

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So much for an update i guess.