Add additional selection under Transactions > Sports

I was thinking that it would be helpful to have two additional sorting elements in Transactions under Sports. Can we please get:

  1. In Progress: Any bets that have been made but have not been concluded. Game/prop has not started, ended/still going on.

  2. Futures: All games that have a date later than the current date of today. (e.g. Feb 2nd/etc.)

Hi @HooverTV and thank you for the feedback. We can certainly check in on this

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@HooverTV, Isn’t “Open Bets” the same as In Progress?

Yes and No. I was thinking more of In Progress as the game is currently going on or it is about to start. Where as Open Bets is both In Progress and Futures combined. I could probably say I wouldn’t necessarily need Futures because of Open Bets but I would defenitly prefer a In Progress section to keep track of what games/matches I want to what at that specific time.