Allow Native Segwit (Bech32) Addresses for Bitcoin Withdrawals

Bovada should update their system to allow Bitcoin withdrawals to native segwit (Bech 32) addresses. Not only are transactions to these newer type of address faster, they have lower transaction fees which would be a benefit for Bovada. They are fully compatible with standard Bitcoin addresses and many other casino sites already offer native segwit support as they are superior (they are recognizable because they have all-lowercase addresses that always start with bc1).

Here is an article on some of the benefits for both senders and recipients of Bitcoin with these addresses.


Thanks for bringing this up!

I’m going to bring this up to the relevant department as soon as possible to get their feedback on it. We’ll circle back to this topic when we hear from them.

Any updates? With Bitcoin value and transaction fees skyrocketing, this seems like a no-brainer.


We have no update on providing this address type yet, but will keep you posted.

Hey guys, just following up here publicly to say that as of this summer these addresses are accepted in the cashier and can be used for withdrawals.