Another Live Wager changing AFTER hitting Submit (WITH PICS)


I placed a Live Wager on the Orlando vs New York Red Bulls match.

1st Pic - you can see I selected the 0, +.5 wager. That is half at 0 and half at +.5 (as seen in the bet description where the wager is behind the spinning dots), but as you can see in the Wager AFTER I hit submit, it changed it in the top part of the wager to a straight 0.0 wager, so instead of a Tie being a half win, half push, it would a complete push. The “quarter ball” (half of 1 bet, half of a another) is still clearly seen in the bet window too. What in the world is going on?

2nd Pic - you can see the bet successfully placed at 0.0, even though the Quarter Ball description for the wager is still in the box. No, 0.0 is not a quarter ball wager.

3rd Pic - Open Bets showing the wager is indeed 0.0 now… And now suddenly the “Quarter Ball” description has disappeared, but I caught it in the other screenshots.

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Should I be posting this somewhere else?

Hi @Littlejon3,

We understand how frustrating it can be to receive a line that you did not request. Following a review, it appears that this was caused by the line being stale at the time you placed your bet. This would imply that the line had already changed when you placed your bet. Normally, an error occurs when the line is changed while the wager is being placed.

Only time it changes to an error is when the odds change in the players favor but when the line changes in Bovadas favor it will accept the bet even though the line changes after you hit submit!


As a player “frustration” is not an accurate term for Bovada spinning a random wheel and giving you whatever wager they want after you hit Submit. That’s nonsense, I’m sorry, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

If the line was stale, why was the Quarter Ball bet description in the box with the the 0.0 line? It’s not a Quarter Ball wager at all. Why would that description even be there if it wasn’t one?


Thats the problem, the Quarter Ball wager description ONLY SHOWS UP for Quarter Ball wagers, literally proving it hadn’t changed prior to submitting the bet.

So can anyone answer as to why a Quarter Ball description would be with a non-Quarter Ball wager if it had already changed prior to hitting Submit?

The data you saw on the page was stale server data meaning the change was already made in terms of the line. This is not something that often occurs; however, it does occur.

So choosing a line, seeing that line in your Bet Slip along with a description that only fits the bet you chose, then hitting Submit and watching the bet literally change right in front of your eyes to a completely different bet is normal? Regardless of how often or how little it may occur. Is that considered normal and acceptable by Bovada?


P. S. The price on the Bet I did actually choose had just updated about 5 seconds prior, indicating the lines had just updated, so unless “stale” is less than 4 seconds, I don’t see how that is possible either.

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I just don’t understand what a player can do to guarantee they receive the wager they actually place. Everything says one wager and after hitting Submit, while the dots are spinning, the wager and price literally change.

Integrity in choosing, placing and receiving YOUR wager is one of the principles of Sportsbook Betting. Without that, what are we doing here? You might as well give your money to someone else and have them choose your wagers.

I hear every time it happens, “it doesn’t happen often”, yet it has happened to me numerous times and many many others.

The odd part is, this issue is isolated to Bovada in my experience. I have placed Live Sportsbook wagers on at least 6 other Internet Sportsbooks and a dozen different Brick and Mortar casinos (via an app, kiosk, window) and have NEVER EVER had this happen a single time. Not once. If all of these other places in the Sportsbook world have figured it out, why can’t Bovada?



Why didn’t an error come up or the box asking if he wanted to accepted changed odds? That is the standard EVERYWHERE unless a player chooses to take the line change without approving it. I don’t know of anyone that just blindly accepts line changes intentionally.

The time of the bet shows the game at the 22 minute mark and the score 0-0. He stated the line had changed 5 seconds before he put in the bet and how fast did the line change again in between the time he put in the bet and hit enter?

The first goal of the game was in extra time of the first half.

@moderators can you post the line change moves during the time frame of 21 minutes and 23 minutes of game time?

On a side note and this is my opinion only, there should be some goodwill done here. Granted the wager lost on both sides of the bet but that’s not the point. It’s easy to say it occurs rarely but this kind of situation makes you pause and think WTF !!!

This kind of activity leaves a lot to be desired and right now there’s a lot of bad vibes in the gaming community with Bovada. There needs to be signs of goodwill and hey this was a phuck up and we resolved it to the players satisfaction. Goodwill goes a long way in repairing negative public sentiment.

My two cents worth on the subject.


Yeah, anywhere else you go, if the wager is trying to place doesn’t match what is displaying, it stops and prompts or says it can place the bet or something other than just placing a different wager.

I will say, both the wager I ended up with and my original wager were both losers ultimately. I obviously didn’t know that when I made the post just minutes after the 22 minute bet, so I am fully understanding of no compensation or anything like that because my chosen wager was a loser too, so I’m good there, but it’s the entire situation that this has happened to multiple players multiple times, so the principle of just saying, yeah I know it’s frustrating but it happens, is my biggest issue.

At some point, it’s already happened enough to look into it or make changes to how it functions so this stops happening to your customers because giving them whatever wager Bovada sees fit IS A BIG DEAL. Again, I have never had this occur at any other online or physical casino.

And this isn’t about a mods response as I have received similar responses from multiple mods during the several times this has occurred, so my issue is with Bovada’s response, not a Moderator.

This exact same thing happened to me the other day with another game. Got the same responses from support and mods on here. I was left speechless because basically they’re saying the line you lock in could be different every time so I don’t see a reason to choose a line live betting. It’s a lottery on what you get

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That’s absolute BS lol I’ve posted about this multiple times. You guys are fleecing the hell out of us with these odds changes it’s pretty ridiculous.

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I understand you gotta play defense here for the top dogs but objectively I see a post about this every other day so I know there’s plenty of us constantly having this issue. The funny part is the system definitely used to make you re-confirm, now it just automatically locks you in. We’re betting hard, real money on odds that are, as you just said, admittedly deceptive. That’s a major problem in my book.


Odds (or prices) changing are definitely one issue, but giving you a completely different wager is insane.

At what point does someone see this as a real issue that someone should be looking into? If I try to place a live wager on a MLB game and receive a wager on a Future Olympics Downhill Skiing event, will it be something different than, “we know it can be frustrating to receive a completely different wager, but it happens.”

Yeah. This is straight crap. I hope they make it right for you.

Like I said earlier, I was losing either way in this instance, but it has happened before and it made a difference in the outcome. What I really would like to see come from this is a change in response from Bovada as a whole to these issues.

Something along the lines of (but in their own words) -

“We are sorry this has happened again. We have a long history of this situation occurring to multiple users, so although it might not be a huge percentage of wagers that this happens to, the end result is unacceptable to us. We are going to take the information from all the different instances this has happened and investigate to formulate a plan of action to either correct the current functionality or make the necessary changes to modify the functionality so that this doesn’t happen to any of our customers, allowing us to fall in line with the large majority of the gambling industry who does not see these issues or allow their customers to be stuck with a wager they did not choose. We are taking these steps because our integrity and the trust of our customers are the foundation of our reputation and business. Stay tuned for regular updates on this situation. - Bovada Management”

We have created a ticket for this issue for further review as we would like to ensure that this was correctly addressed.

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