Anthony Davis Blocks Prop What?!

Literally changed from 3 blocks to 2 blocks not once but twice during the game for steals? Are you kidding me. Anyone that watched that game knows AD 4 blocks probably but at min 3. Please review this @Paul_Bovada this is the kind of rigging conspiracy that makes someone never want to bet again.

Here is my bet and literally the official NBA account tweeting AD’s 3rd block (this play was changed a steal, no way)

They charged it to a steal because in their opinion Jokic was trying to throw a on a opposed to shooting

Not sure how they reached that conclusion as it looks like a shof to me but the official nba site has it as a steal

Literally in the post game interview Jokic said, “AD had a big block on me late in the game” … so clearly that means he was shooting… go watch his post game interview. Why is the NBA making “opinions” on a players intent when the player actually tells us what his intent was which was a shot. Otherwise he wouldn’t have said block…

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So are these final stats now?

I have no idea but this is utterly ridiculous

I think you’ll know by the morning

What ya mean?

They can do stat corrections for up to 24 hours after a hame

Its rare but it happens

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