Anyone else have ther wagers cancelled tonight?

I placed a few wagers won about 2k then on my last wager I bet around 1700 on one math . I bet on both teams to win and for it to be a draw on the soccer match. Bovada cancelled my winning bet (which would have broke me even for that match ) instead cancelled and refunded me the winning wager and at the same time took my losing bets and kept the money, now if your going to cancel wagers for a Match all bets should be refused.
So I placed wagers on live games and won the bets. For some reason bovada didn’t lock the lines and I was able to bet. I won a few thousand. Now they went back unsettled all my matches.
I had a crypto deposit that was on its way and they kept and now they want to give me a 1000 play through bonus… what a joke

They really bent me over. I should have over 3 k in my account instead of I’m -649 that’s not including my 1000 dollar deposit

I had the same problem now. All my winners are cancelled and have a -$1200 balance. This is absolutely ridiculous

I am of course sorry if we had some lines left up longer than they should have been. but a bit of what is stated here is not completely accurate.

In the case of this wager this past post time has been clearly notified to you. Any wagers prior to this would have been accepted and any bets afterwards would not as these were clearly left up too long. In reviewing this it does seem clear that these lines were incorrect at the time.

We do in these cases generally also re settle your balance though, and I do see they did this for you already. Your balance is not at -649 and was zeroed out.

@ntw165 I would contact live chat to review.

Thanks, please look at the time stamps of the wagers . I placed all wagers when the match is live. Appreciate your help on this @Ryan_Bovada

The post time was never notified to me until it actually happened and I reached out. I have never had this happened. Also when I bet on this line the game was still live. So if I had placed a losing bet would bovada have disregarded that late post rule(that is clearly in their favor) and just gave me the loss and move? We’ll never know. Regardless im a hall of fame level player and a hosted VIP and drop thousands a month on here . The fact that they just didn’t let me keep my winnings on bets that I placed and technically won on is sad. Specially when it was a mistake on their end it just shows how they use those rules in their favor. Unfortunately for now bivada is one of the few websites I’m able to use so I can’t complain to much but it defiantly is getting worse day by or else I would be long gone after pretty much having 4k taken from me but I’ll stick around til I find something better. (removed by moderator - we do not allow posting of third party websites)

Nope because when it is not in their favor, they will say you shouldn’t use the scoreboard when making wager decisions. Nothing is in place to protect us, yet they have all these rules in place to protect them


And I say this because I have placed wagers in games where the scoreboard was faulty and I placed the wagers before it froze, yet they still cancelled my bet

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Exactly. I placed a legit bet. It was live game and I ended up winning. That they forgot to lock the lines is not my fault. They took all the funds I won and just refunded me my bets. I was up so much I placed a 1400 dollar bet that I “lost” and that’s why my account ended up being negative after they reversed all my winnings


I’m with you that scoreboard is a joke. I constantly say if it is not to be relied upon then why even have it? Sometimes the scores and times are off by so much

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This is not the same issue at all. The wager in question is related to a past post wager and a line that was left up far too long where the result was practically already determined.

This isn’t a scoreboard issue and wouldn’t have been offered as a reason as to why a wager would stay graded.

In truth wagers work in tandem. If we resettle one side the other side should just automatically be resettled the same or opposite as well.

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All that to state though, obviously I do still understand that this was our error and apologize again.

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Any luck getting my bets settled ? Thanks @Ryan_Bovada

Again if you want your account balance reviewed this needs to be done via live chat. We can’t complete this on our end sadly.

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Yeah same I bet this game in the 51st minute thinking there was only about a minute left because they usually go around 52 minutes. After it won I withdrew all my cash to wake up with some in my bank account. Log back in this morning and now I’m negative $188

Bovadas not letting me live bet , the parlay bet slip doesnt pop up , its very inconvenient…but the single bet does coincidentally