Anyone experiencing server issues?

Site is incredibly slow right now - is this an issue on my end or the servers?

We were having site issues about an hour ago since the morning but they should now be fixed. It was reported HERE.

Thanks Ryan, I saw that regarding login issues. I’m experiencing serious lag on slot spins. Sometimes 10-20 seconds per spin. Tried on mobile (wifi and cellular data) and same problem is occurring.

I’ll try to circle around and see if we have any other common reports of lagginess or further issues. I would obviously just in the meantime suggest any basic troubleshooting to see if it helps. (clearing cache, chrome and changing the device/connection.

Same problem here website is outta control


Hi can anyone explain why on sit n go in poker always has bad connection . Never fails but only happens to me on the sit n go tables. It’s really starting to piss me off. Should b no reason why server connection just craps on me n sits me out and i cant do anything bout it. Many times i would of won but cant join back in game . as i sit watching my hands fold until im out. But i can play all night long in the tournaments and have no issues at all. Im not whining bout losing but its getting ridiculous on the amount of wasted time n money to be sitting out server issues only on sit n gos!!-! Why

I am. Of course I was on a winning streak and and all of of a sudden the game says reload three times in a row and guess what I lose every time after it reloaded. Very upsetting and not happy with this!!!