April Poker Freeroll


As mentioned in our 10th Anniversary Leaderboard Post we will be having some Poker Freerolls and the top 10 players will receive points for our monthly and yearly leaderboards.

We are happy to now announce that this will be on the 16th of April! (Saturday)

We’ll have more specific time’s as we get closer to the event, as well as the password and entry details. Entry will be FREE and have prizes for the winners of the event as well.


Can we have this at night time like 8-9 PM? Saturdays during daytime is mostly busy with other weekend activities. If it’s always the same time like last freeroll then certain members will be favoured every month. Or put it up for a vote for the community members and whatever the majority decides then we go with it.

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I agree. Have kids sporting events…what about Friday night?

We discussed this in the previous free-roll thread. It should be changed every month to include as many people as possible from our diverse community.

Perhaps one month host it in the morning and another month at night as suggested? Then a mid-day tourney like March was?

Just feel like you’re never going to make everyone happy so change it up to get as many people happy as possible. @moderators

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The responses to this feedback are all posted in the March thread where they were brought up!

To sum up, we will be changing times for the tournaments, just not April as this one was already set. May we will have earlier as part of other feedback, and we’ll try to have June later at night.


That is why @Ryan_Bovada is the best :+1:t3:

Thanks. I’ll do the May one

Figure we may as well bump this during our recent issues. Obviously we still do apologize for the problems and are addressing them as quickly as possible, but for any new comers note that we do have some activities you can join in the meantime for our Anniversary Leader Board Competition.

What time is April one

Time? Need to sign up?

The one on the 16th will be at around 3p ET like last month.


We will post the password and exact details this week and likely tomorrow.


How do we get in free roll on 16th

read above

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Note that the tournament details and password are provided HERE now.

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I’m really very curious about the length of time it takes between someone posting questions regarding the April Freeroll and likewise how to opt in for the April Spins, then waiting for a response…instead of just utilizing the grey matter between their ears and realizing all the information they need is already there? I’m not trying to belittle anyone, but seriously? Just spend a minute and actually take the time to read what is posted. Done. Time? Anyone?


I just registered!!!


I feel ya. But unfortunately not this day and age man. People want it and they want it now. Lol. I’m with you. Take a few minutes to look. It probably takes more time asking than just looking.

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