April Spins Leaderboard Contest!

This will essentially follow last months same rules! The difference being spins will be 10 Free Spins on Sushi Wins at 20 cents a piece and the deadline will be April 30th. Remember again that the wins from the spins are only one part, as the top 10 will also receive leaderboard points which will be paid out at the end of the month! We do require you to post your winning screenshot of the actual spins or your transaction on this thread in order to be eligible for the leaderboard!

The spins are apparently aiming to be issued tomorrow, though there is chance they might be delayed a day or so. We’ll confirm tomorrow!


Opt in???

The opt in page is HERE but the deadline has passed. Are you asking if you are opted in?

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Lead er board

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I tried sushi spins for the first time. A lot of the symbols look the same. It takes away from the fun when you have to look really close while the reels are spinning to see if you have a sequence. It should be somewhat mindless relaxing, not a task in focusing.

How can the deadline be passed? You literally just announced this four hours ago. I signed up for email notifications and just saw the email four hours after it was sent. How can it be closed? How does this work?!?!?!?!?

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It was pinned for 10 days and it looks like a few hundred people opted in. How did you find this so quickly and not that is the question.

I don’t believe I had my notification settings chosen properly (not sure I’d chosen anything initially). I modified them a few days ago, so hopefully I’ll learn about the May spins in time. Up until now it’s just been hit or miss for me learning about competitions.

Thank you for keeping information flowing and us informed. I genuinely feel y’all are doing great and I appreciate that

I had assumed the post above was intended to be comedic @StndrDeviant hence the like. I apologize if this wasn’t the case. I did pin both this and the original April opt in list to the top of all threads as requested by a few players for the last competitions. In fact, we’ve made sure to pin all April Anniversary items I believe. These are timed so they do eventually disappear though.

My main recommendation to anyone wanting to ensure they see and join all events is simply to ensure you check the category from time to time, as well as ensure you are ‘watching’ any topic that gets opened. (pardon the horrible circle :man_facepalming:):

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I’m being serious

Edit: wasn’t meant for me

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Thanks for the response, Ryan. No, it wasn’t comedic. I know I often make such posts, but I’m genuinely frustrated at not knowing about many of these contests until it’s too late. I know I just didn’t set up my profile options optimally to get notified when I want to, so I’m trying get them set correctly. Live and learn. Thanks for the tips, both to you and the others who’ve offered advice. Hopefully I’ll eventually get everything set correctly.


I would like to opt in

How often do you all log in?
I’m on this site like … 4 hours a day minimum. Just checking out lines. Talking with friends.
Making wagers of course.

But, I try to read every post and check up on what is pinned but how do some people want to participate on the community board and then they don’t read the board.


I typically log in every other day or more and skim through any recent postings since my last visit. It only takes a minute or so after you figure out how to set up the platform to your liking. Still, it’s always a good idea to be vigilant and check back in often so you won’t miss out. I had no idea about the community until a few months ago so I’ve missed out on a shitload of opportunities. Not anymore!


Hi @LeticiaA,

The deadline for this has passed. Keep on checking the Community on regular basis for any new Contests :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

Just to provide a little more information on how this will work exactly, those who opted in will see this bonus in their account likely today or tomorrow:

1) Select ‘Claim’ and then Confirm

2) Open Sushi Wins: Reels and Rolls and use the Free Spins:

3) Once the spins are completed take a screenshot of winnings from the Freespins and share them here (try and take the screenshot as soon as possible as the screen doesn’t stay long):

4) If you can’t take a screenshot in time, we will accept this summary in your transactions (but please be sure not to post any personal balance info)


Hey @Ryan_Bovada am I opted in? I just wanted to double check

Yes you are @juicin999!

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