August Anniversary Freeroll Poker Tournament


This Month’s Poker Freeroll is this Saturday the 13th at 12p ET in the afternoon. Password and Details will likely be provided Friday or earlier so keep an eye out!


Can I get in any of these free games

Thank you very kind of you

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These are free to enter for any Community member, so yes you can. Just keep an eye out Friday for the details.

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Awesome with be on the community?? I want in

I want in how do I get in

Details will be posted on Friday.

I would like to play in this.

The password for the tournament this month is: HERE

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When does registration start for the free roll tournament? Will I find it in the poker section on the bovada site?

I typed in community in the tournaments section and it popped out and I believe registration starts today or tomorrow I’ll double check

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I just removed the actual password from your post @iSMATiC90 because this thread is public, and non-community members can see it. In an effort to prevent non-community members from participating we have put the password in a thread that can only be seen by signed-in users.


I see the password, can’t find the sign up page

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There’s no registration page for free poker tournament for tomorrow.

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Where do you register for the free poker tournament for tomorrow?

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Why is the tournament not available for registration yet?

Don’t know why it’s not available. It was up there a couple of days ago

It is up I just registered like 1minute ago

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