August Spins Leaderboard Contest!

Hey everyone, the spins from the August Opt in are likely to be issued today so keep an eye out for them! Remember this is part of our Anniversary event and is unfortunately now closed for this month if not yet enrolled. If late to the party remember that we’ll be having events every month until December.

This will essentially follow the same rules as previous months The difference being spins will be 10 Free Spins on Dragon’s Siege at 20 cents a piece and the deadline to post will be 11:59p ET or end of August 31st. (This can be moved if the spins don’t arrive on time)

Remember again that the wins from the spins are only one part, as the top 10 will also receive leaderboard points which will be paid out this week likely on the 1st! We do require you to post your winning screenshot of the actual spins or your transaction on this thread in order to be eligible for the leaderboard!


Hi everyone,

Just to provide a little more information on how this will work exactly, those who opted in will see this bonus in their account likely Today or Tomorrow:

1) Select ‘Claim’ and then Confirm

2) Open Dragon’s Siege and use the Free Spins:

3) Once the spins are completed take a screenshot of winnings from the Freespins and share them here (try and take the screenshot as soon as possible as the screen doesn’t stay long):

4) If you can’t take a screenshot in time, we will accept this summary in your transactions (but please be sure not to post any personal info)

(Just as a note this is all done in a testing environment and none of the numbers shown for my account are onsite)


i opted in never got to do any of this

@Ryan_Bovada could i get help with this

The spins haven’t been issued yet, they should be later today. If you did opt in we’ll check after they’ve been issued.


Hottest $2 ever

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Are you sure it’s today? Not that I don’t believe what Bovada says about anything :roll_eyes:


It should either be today or tomorrow, they had an issue in the morning with issuing them so it might get delayed a bit unfortunately. There’s still a chance they get issued today though.

How do i opt in for next month?

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We open the Opt in for about a week during the month as you can see HERE. Keep an eye out in September for when we release them!

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I still haven’t received my free spins

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“They’ll be issued today”

Which is Bovada talk for tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday. But Thursday at the latest

But no promises on that


Me too :slight_smile:
Not trying to bother though!

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I’m trying to opt-In ….am I doing it right?

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You’re late for August.

Dang it! I am new to this!! :slightly_frowning_face:

Lies lies lies… We’re so stupid for thinking it’s anything great 10 free spins we have to beg for and then like there not going to turn rtp down for the game cmon

Jeez some of y’all complain way too much for something that they’re giving us for free smh.


I opted in