Back Up Website


I mean no disrespect by my suggestion and it may not come across the right way.

To avoid the fiasco that took place for several days last week which resulted in a complete PR fiasco, I want to make the suggestion that Bovada have a back up site that they can give to people when there is going to be down time due to maintenance or upgrades.

This way the situation that took place can be avoided. While the main site is being upgraded, down for maintenance, the back up site can at the very least take action on sports. It doesn’t have to be the full blown version with live lines, it can be sports/horses only.

This way nobody can claim they missed out on “winning” or an opportunity to. Once the upgrade or maintenance has been completed on the main url ( then you can do the upgrade or maintenance on the other site and take it off line until the maintenance/upgrade is completed.

When you know when these maintenance and upgrades are going to be done, you can put in your notice to use to have access to sports betting / horses…

I don’t know who was the person behind the twitter account posting but to troll players and piss them off instead of being professional was truly bad. People posted all over forums and other sites regarding how this all played out and it just gives Bovada a really bad look.

We all can understand things happen with upgrades and maintenance but a more thorough explanation should’ve been given and not one that reeked of trolling.



We thank you for your suggestion.