BCH Fork November 15, 2020

The BCH payment option will be unavailable at Bovada starting November 11th and will remain as such until the BCH network has reached a consensus.

A Hard Fork? What is that?

Hard forks in cryptocurrency aren’t uncommon. The BCH network will divide in two and the new chains will use their own unique protocol. During a fork, BCH loses its ‘replay protection’, which means BCH transactions can be vulnerable to acts of fraud.

Once the network determines a way forward and BCH is once again secure to use, Bovada will return the payment method to the cashier.

How does this affect me?

Your Bovada account and any BCH transactions already made are perfectly secure, and any withdrawal requests not processed by the time of the coin’s removal will still be issued.

For the BCH still in your wallet, we strongly advise against using the coin at least 24 hours in advance of the fork (Nov. 15th) and not before the network reaches consensus.

We also advise that you keep your BCH safely in your wallet, backed up, and secured with a mnemonic phrase along with your private keys.

How else do I fund and withdraw from my account?

Bitcoin remains the best way to stay in the game at Bovada, but we also recommend Player Transfer – see how it works by visiting the Marketplace in the Bovada Community.

We’ll provide an update once BCH is available; to stay informed of the fork’s resolution, check out this thread for updates.