Be careful with PayPal and other emails relating fund sources

Got a call from the bank today asking to verify recent transactions( I’ve been in the field all week doing telecommunications installation hand ) come to find out I was robbed of 2 grand clearing my account and leaving me with nothing I’d hate for anyone else to go through this so make sure when on casino and sister sites not to give email from pop up sites if it’s not one thing it’s another at least the weather was nice today :man_facepalming:t2::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::joy:

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Sorry to hear that. I got screwed with cash app for $1500 last year. Thankfully my bank got it back for me.

Yeah it definitely sucks man I’ve been tryna play all night I work hard for my money and someone I don’t even know messes with it I’m good people but shit happen to even the best of us I doubt they will return my money but I’m definitely going to the bank Monday to see what can be done start the process @Patnann

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You guys saying you’re dealing with fraud? Or are you saying that people that sent you money for funds are trying to take them back. Just want to make sure I understand.

My episode with cash app was fraud.

Fraud ! Just be careful where you type any information