Bet hit but wasn’t paid

I placed a bet for Marcus rashford to have 2 shots on goal. I checked on who and it shows that he got the two shots was wondering how I could get this paid?!


Please share wager reference ID and I will check this for you.

Were they on goal though? 2 shots vs 2 shots on goal are different…

Sorry fell asleep ref#23021695997257

Two shots on goal initially they took away his goal but they reversed it and gave it to him I checked and they have him having 2 shots on goal

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They are showing his as having 2 total shots, where are you seeing shots on goal?
Can you post a screenshot please.

And he scored a goal. I mean it took me 2 minutes on espn to find out this info

Bovada be slackin

I’ll send it to sports for you.

And that’s on FlashScore. It’s not even for me. I didn’t bet it. I’m just showing it takes no time for the graders to look this shit up and get it right but they put the burden on the customer

Two shots on target as highlighted

It was escalated.

Sweet. You guys should compensate him with a CS credit or some player points in the mean time while he waits for you guys to correct an error.

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@Cbass7 That should be re-settled shortly.

Thank you!!

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Hi I recently hit a bet and it says win but I did not receive the money. Can you please check this for me? Ref. 23031701209445

This was wagered with bonus funds, and the bonus was forfeited, so this would also forfeit any potential winnings from the wager.

This was a $10 wager that was placed with bonus funds.