Beware of Fred_123

Sent him 400 through cashapp this morning and never received anything, his account is now suspended. Moderator are aware and told me he didn’t have that available in his balance. Now I have to wait to see if cashapp is going to refund me my 400 I sent him smh.

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That’s lame.

Does Bovada help make it right in situations like this? Or are you just dependent on the money app giving you your money back?

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Probably won’t see that 400, should’ve had moderators check his balance before I made transaction, my fault on that end.

Was it through the marketplace like you had posted looking to buy or was he posted as looking to sell or neither? Just curious

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I posted on marketplace LTB , and he dm me saying he got it.

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Bummer sorry to hear about that

Bringing this to the top so a @moderators can help try to resolve this @Matty_Bovada @Ryan_Bovada @Brooke_Bovada
From my understand all chat is read even direct messages. This slipped past them. If I don’t know the person and I don’t see them posting for sale and it’s that high of an amount I usually pm the mods. But to think that someone can run around the marketplace scamming the buyers who are posting to buy by direct messaging them then pulling a hit and run is scary to say the least especially when that buyer is relying on a money app to refund and can’t mention anything about bovada or such. Where’s the bovada oversight on this?
Question did u just pm him randomly looking to buy or did he actually message u from a post u posted in the marketplace looking to buy a voucher??

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Sorry to say this but cash app won’t do anything about it, it states for you to confirm who you sent the money too. Only option is to request a refund but you know the recipient won’t do so as there intend was to scam you in the first place. Only thing is :crossed_fingers:and hope bovada does something for you but it seems you didn’t use good market practice so good luck. It happened to me but it was only $100. I also didn’t use good market practice but bovada did refund as an one time expection. Hopefully you get the same treatment. Good luck.


He dm me from my post, because I was LTB