Big Lost Gallery

Anyone interested in showing some big losses in here? Those are the only ones i have lol.


I dont have a screenshot of it but last year I lost $600 betting on the Atlanta Braves…they got destroyed by the lowly Orioles 14-1 it made me sick to watch…luckily I had bet $200 in that same game on the run total over and it hit, but it was still brutal.

Post my last month on here…that’s a big loss…

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Big or small is relative.
When I am on last $ 50 $20 is big loss and when I am on $1500 $ 600 or above is big

My story would be funny. I would say what hurts you more. Say I bet an under on colon vs Corrientes at 160. The game becomes slow and under is now 135. You are celebrating. Last quarter point difference is 11. All is good.
You know how the match ends A Tie … That too in the last second the game is at 72-73 and one team wins free throws. They could score 2 but they score one… That’s not luck bro… That’s conspiracy. Especially if it happens 4-5 times… But part of game

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I think I’m down 20 grand the past 12 months, hoping I can luck box a jackpot, there’s nothing wrong with hoping


down like 8 grand in 35 days

Lost 8k on Petr Yan illegal knee. He was 1 round away from winning, if I remember correctly. It was a parlay, would’ve come out with 18k. Oh well.



I’ve lost about 30k-40k. I’ve had one time that my balance was over 4 grand smh the slots payouts are so bad and feel manipulated


I’m with you I swear they turn on/off switch on my account

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I feel ya
ive lost 3500 in 3 days