Bills #1 Seed Graded Incorrectly

So I bet Buffalo to win the #1 seed in the AFC. Clearly, this bet was impacted by the cancellation of the Week 17 Buffalo/Cincy game. Yet it was graded as a loss. Spoke with two customer service reps who told me (presumably with a straight face) that the cancellation of the Week 17 game “had no effect on the final standings.” Thats patently false. I should not have to explain why, but I did, painstakingly.

My reference number for the bet is: 22091587068845. Please help

Just to clarify I’m not looking for the bet to be graded as a win, but it should certainly be voided as Buffalo did not play a full 17-game season

We’re going to escalate this but I’m afraid it’s likely to stand as graded. Note that this is a future and no where in the details does it state there needs to be a 17 game schedule. it simply denotes that they need to win the AFC or get the #1 seed and they didn’t.

Ultimately futures like this always have action and the result although obviously unfortunate and bad luck, takes into account items like this. It is bad luck on your end for sure, but remember that if we void this we also have to void those that bet on KC to get the #1 seed in the AFC which they did. Obviously the NFL made a decision and this impacted the bet in a negative way for you, but it’s simply a case of bad luck.

The bet itself is graded correctly based on what it is asking the Bills to achieve.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the response. The fact that Bovada didn’t cancel all futures involving KC and Buffalo getting the #1 seed is surprising. The standard across the industry would be to void this bet. I have an account on another site that even voided my Pittsburgh future to win the AFC North. That bet obviously wasn’t even impacted by the Buf/Cincy game. I fully expected to lose that bet, but the fact that they voided it tells me a lot about their integrity compared to Bovada who did not void a bet that was directly impacted by the Buf/Cincy game. I mean, it seems pretty obvious who I should place my bets with going forward, right?

I hope some good comes from your escalating this. I appreciate your efforts

I would have to disagree this is an integrity issue. If a site decides to void these wagers as a goodwill gesture this is of course a bonus to you. However, it doesn’t show a lack of integrity to simply follow rules and grade wagers as they are stated and intended to be graded. There are a number of wagers where we have in the past provided some goodwill and perhaps with some feedback they will consider it here, but again, the wager is technically graded correctly.

However did they void only losing wagers or winning ones as well? In the case you noted above if they voided these wagers and pulled them from those who had Cincinnati to win, I’m sure there were quite a number of players who wagered on Cinci that were unhappy with this decision. Unless the rules did clearly state that this was the intended way this would be graded.

A lack of integrity would be something that clearly goes against our rules, which this does not. Not that that makes it any less frustrating.


Ryan if you had bet on buffalo, you would want this voided as well. GUARANTEED

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I’ll reserve my comments about integrity until there’s a resolution

I unfortunately don’t believe this is going to get overturned. I’ve provided feedback to the teams but again this would be a goodwill decision and something they would have discretion over. There’s always the chance they could consider overturning these but at the moment there’s no notice that they’ll be doing so unfortunately.

I see where you’re coming from but KC is by all accounts the #1 seed regardless of everything that happened. They got the first round bye, best record. I do agree the bet should be voided but bovada doesn’t void bets very often unless to their benefit