Bitcoin Deposit Issues October 17th

Guys as some of you are already aware we are having some issues with crypto delays.
This is currently being looked into, and as soon as we hear any updates we will let you know.
We hope to get this resolved soon, and thank you for your patience.


I made a bitcoin deposit at 12:48 est and still isn’t available in my account with 12 conformations on blockchain at last check.

@moderators any chance of some help. Thank you


Did you get any help??? I’m having the same issues. My Bitcoin deposit has over 28 confirmations on the Blockchain and still not in my bovada account. I made the deposit around 4pm Central

@clemfn80 I believe all your transactions have been completed, please let us know if not.

@MarcelloD The minimum deposit for bitcoin is 0.0002 from what I can see your deposit was below this, so unfortunately it will fail on our end and become unretrievable.

I’m having the same issue right now. Usually don’t have any problems, but I sent about 85 in Bitcoin to my account and it still hasn’t shown up after almost 45 minutes.

@Danno1999 your deposit has 4 confirmations, it will hit your account with a maximum of 6.
This is down to the network being busy, but I would think it will complete soon.

Appreciate the quick response Paul. Thank you.

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My account also hasn’t been credited same thing

I am also experiencing the same issue

And I have fully confirmed and can’t get anybody in chat

How many confirmations are you at right now?

I never have issues like this depositing always do it early for football

It would seem the network is a little busy at the moment but I will check your deposits guys.

And girls! Lol thanks paul

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@pooperman your sat with 4 confirmations so it shouldn’t be long

Ok thanks for the response

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@Lizmerolla3 I’m going to send yours to the payments team to check because it looks like it should have credited by now.

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Thank you I thought so

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