Bitcoin Deposit Issues October 17th

Am I going to experience the same thing when I hit 6 confirmations?

Our guys are currently looking into a possible issue, as soon as i get confirmation either way I will post.

Ok Paul but you mean for me or in general?

Crazy mine has over 78 confirmations

In general, unfortunately.

Ok hopefully it’s not a long term thing

Will there be any type of compensations for this issue?

Yes me too! As soon as I hear anything you guys (and girls!) will be the first to know.

Yes please do it I sent over 200$ to play with today and also so this for just bitcoin or all crypto?

I deposited with Bitcoin

@Lizmerolla3 This hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, all I have seen so far are BTC, but it could well be others too.

Yea I’m super nervous too since I deposited around $2000

I hear you

Funds will be safe, don’t worry about that.

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Good to know and thank you Paul for staying responsive


Paul your the best mine is all set

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I’m all set as well thanks for the help :kissing_heart:

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Awesome guys :slight_smile:

It looks like all players are now being credited, I will however leave this topic open for a little while longer just in case anyone hasn’t and we will get it checked for you.
Thanks for your patience guys, and best of luck!

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