Bonus deposit option

Under rewards tabs for deposit bonus

  • I am requesting a delete option

Currently deposit bonus just sit there with no expiration date and stack up.

May there please be an option to delete?

Please and thank you.


You can pm a moderator and they can delete for you

Do you know a mod for this forum?
Or where can I find the right mod(s) to pm

@Brooke_Bovada is on rn. Talk to her!

Had the same problem. Hated seeing the free spins. They removed them for me :slight_smile:

@moderators out there that want to give me a 50% bonus on my next deposit? I am making it now Spent 20 mins on with the CS chat rep just for him to finally get back to me and tell me no lol :man_facepalming:t2: . I’m ok with no. I’m not that ok with 20 mins wasted on what should of took 2 minutes