Bonus deposit option

Under rewards tabs for deposit bonus

  • I am requesting a delete option

Currently deposit bonus just sit there with no expiration date and stack up.

May there please be an option to delete?

Please and thank you.


You can pm a moderator and they can delete for you

Do you know a mod for this forum?
Or where can I find the right mod(s) to pm

@Brooke_Bovada is on rn. Talk to her!

Had the same problem. Hated seeing the free spins. They removed them for me :slight_smile:

@moderators out there that want to give me a 50% bonus on my next deposit? I am making it now Spent 20 mins on with the CS chat rep just for him to finally get back to me and tell me no lol :man_facepalming:t2: . I’m ok with no. I’m not that ok with 20 mins wasted on what should of took 2 minutes

Bovada you don’t give the FREE SPINS and Bonus Rewards as much anymore. That makes playing more fun and you want to play more. All the new game slots didn’t work for me, and only let you play $2 when trying to get lower. Enjoy all slots but all the stopping and freezing on spins, Sometimes feel I didnt get FULL SPINS@@@@

@Saige2 welcome to the forum. If you are missing any spins please let us know and provide the details as we can check it for you.

Thanks! I will follow up next time if there is an issue.

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