Bonus rollover question

I don’t normally use bonuses but say I have $50 at 10x rollover and I want to bet on sports. If I bet the $50 and make another deposit, will that have to be rolled over as well? And how is the % of rollover determined for sports betting? If anyone knows, I’d appreciate it

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No. The other deposit will not. But you have to at least bet that money 1 time before you can withdrawal it, the new deposit without the bonus. When you bet if you have a combination of cash funds and bonus funds. The cash funds are always wagered first. FYI

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Not sure why you’d make another deposit after you make the deposit to get your bonus. Just makes things a bit more confusing I guess.
The first deposit with the bonus will work like Kingfishtr said above: You will be your deposited funds first, then bonus funds after. If you make a bet with deposited funds and win, those winnings add to your deposited funds, not your bonus funds. Point being, if you keep winning with deposited funds, you can possibly put yourself in a position to be able to forfeit your bonus if you get hot and and dont want to risk it trying to make the 10X. Be sure you understand how forfeiting works before you do so, any bets made with bonus money wont pay out if the bonus is forfeited.

Rollover % determined by Winning Amount for bets that are favored in your direction (-110), and by Bet Amount for bets that are plus money.

For the deposit after your bonus deposit, I believe you still bet the ‘Locked Funds’ first, then ‘Bonus Funds’, then the second deposit amount which is ‘Available to Withdraw’. Im not 100% positive on this though.

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I’d make another deposit because I got a free $50 bonus and wanted to bet on the chiefs because the line was moving like crazy. I also want money in my account to play poker in the mean time. That’s why. And I’m sure there’s 1000 other reasons someone would wanna do that. Could’ve just answered the question and not dig that deep into it🤷🏻‍♂️

Sure thing buddy. I opened up with being an a hole just to spend a bunch of time answering your questions.
Forgive me.