Bovada 10th Anniversary Leaderboard Competition!

Hey everyone!

Here to announce a new year long player initiative to celebrate Bovada’s 10th year anniversary with you all! This will be a multi channel year long leaderboard competition, in the same style as last years Poker Series. The difference being that we’ll be having a leaderboard for specific Poker, Sports, and Casino competitions held each month. Points for all 3 channels will be added up each month and over the year, and there will be prizes given at the end of each.

  1. Sports: We’ll pick a specific event or host a competition each month and award points for players in the top 10. (If there’s ties with more than 10 players we’ll have a rule in place for each competition)

  2. Poker: This will be held similarly as the event last year and a freeroll held EVERY MONTH for the remainder of the year. (Linked above) Those in the top 10 will receive points towards the leaderboard.

  3. Casino: We’ll create an opt in page like we did for squares this year and provide FREE spins to those that apply each month. A thread will be created where players can post their wins and the 10 biggest wins will also be given points to the leaderboard each month.

Point totals will be added for all channels so be sure to jump into every event you can! We’ll total up points for the month, and keep track over the remainder of the year as well. Prizes will be given out for each month so don’t worry if you’re a bit late to the party!

At the end of the year all points accrued throughout the year will be counted up and we’ll be giving out some larger prizes to our leaderboard finalists.

  • As with all other competitions, to receive a bonus winning accounts must have made at least 1 deposit.

Happy 10th Anniversary everyone! Details on March events will be coming throughout the Month.


Just bumping this for anyone who hasn’t read it yet, as there will be some details on events coming shortly.


Sounds fun, looking forward to it! Thanks!


Looks fun. Lets do it

Nice. Glad I’m catching this at the begainning!

when does it start

We will be posting more details soon.


Thanks so much Bovada. I appreciate you

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Let’s do it!

Really liked the idea let’s go guys!!

When you say 1 deposit… if we have already deposited this month a lot that will suffice correct? Or when is the deposit supposed to happen

Also… Will all new poker events be posted on last year’s thread or will you all make a new thread??


Oh Kay let’s go

It’s 1 deposit in general.

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Yay!! Love bovada

Looking forward to more details!

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Let’s go!!

how do i register my monthly freeroll. one is starting tomorrow.

There is no freeroll just yet.