Bovada 10th Anniversary Leaderboard Competition!

When we have details on any comps we will post them.

is @Bookie13 and @bookie13 the same person or father and son or just some bonus manipulation

also i was not listed in the may competition , i posted my results the first day

This was just an error on my end. same player.

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Give me a bonus rhino, can’t be on here everyday hoping to sign up for spins only for it to be posted 5 days before the month ends…unless it’s poker then it’s available for the whole month

So what is the June spins competition? I’ve never done it before

@SF2220ATL You will use the free spins and then post a screenshot of the winnings.
The players who get the top wins will get points added on to the leaderboard.

When does it start and do we get to keep whatever the winnings are? Sry I’m still new to the community

I would read the first post in this thread for any details. You can also peruse the actual category for the actual event threads from previous months.

Ryano…you know this is time consuming and confusing. Why not give us monthly bonuses for actually getting on here and interacting?

We do hold monthly events on each channel in order to give players the ability to try out new games for free as this is what most players are on the website for in the first place. Many players seem to enjoy the monthly activities but of course we’re always open to new ideas.

I would also disagree that they are time consuming as ultimately 2 of the events simply require pressing a few buttons and adding a screenshot for the sports and spins comps. The poker event is the only one that requires any length of time.

Simply providing bonuses for community activity is something we’ve discussed in the past, but it also runs the risk of players then just posting content trying to run up posts if not done properly. If not based on this it would be quite subjective as well. We’re always open to ideas but it certainly isn’t as easy as just giving out bonuses for interactions.

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when will we get the spins? @Ryan_Bovada

I’ve responded to this on the other thread.

When will the free spins be sent to our accounts?

The opt in is still available so no spins would be added before next week. Once we know the exact date, we’ll also let everyone know

Am I in I can’t find the link

How do I opt in

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@Fjdfhffuy you can opt in here


Only 40cents this month :unamused: