Bovada 10th Anniversary Leaderboard Competition!

How did I miss this. Is this a monthly opt in or did I miss out all together?

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Spins already opted in and already March 20 no spins?? Any update?

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They said towards the end of the month.

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They basically said by next wkend

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Hello all, this sounds cool. Im happy I found this part of Bovada, been a regular Poker player on this site for the last 2+ years.
I played in the last freeroll, how do I enter the leaderboard contest?

@MagikPockets welcome to the community. There will be competitions throughout the year which will earn points for the leaderboard. We will be posting information as soon as we have it regarding the next one.


The Leaderboard for March is as follows:

Posting Sports Points Assigned Spins Points Assigned Poker Points Assigned Totals
@lensmachamp 3 10 13
@Duckfan32 10 10
@Legend407 9 9
@MAJ321 9 9
@Chieftain 9 9
@Amswans 3 6 9
@Jaguar 9 9
@PJ8411 8 8
@soccerjunkie23 8 8
@kc_chuck 7 7
@cg103075 7 7
@Jovann 6 6
@JaneLA 5 5
@msw_123 5 5
@BomboRiviera 4 4
@MadRat2019 4 4
@Nashtc 3 3
@bookie13 3 3
@Msinn1010 3 3
@GeezeMoney03 3 3
@Vikings123 3 3
@trpfvr 3 3
@wheezer3 3 3
@jajaoly 3 3
@Bookie13 3 3
@Huwano 3 3
@alpinechap 3 3
@Soccergurlm93 2 2
@Clydem365 2 2
@StndrDeviant 1 1
@crystalgirly 1 1

We will be discussing the prizes for March and for the Year and likely have details prior to mid week.


Tied for 3rd?



@Ryan_Bovada Thanks for the contests and for publishing March standings.

Whatever plans you have for the contest overall, I hope you’ll consider keeping track of a distinct season-long contest for poker with a final tournament like last year. Mixing a skill-based contest like poker with 100% luck-based spins dilutes the fun of the contest for poker players. I’m not begging for a lot of money! Even a modest payout would be fine, but it would give poker players a year-long contest we can go “all-in” on emotionally.

I know it means just one more thing to keep track of, but the database you’re using for the overall leaderboard competition will have the data, and you kept track last year, so hopefully it won’t be too burdensome.

To be clear: I’m not asking for a separate series of poker tournaments; just to use the ones that are already a part of the 10th Anniversary competition.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


I’ll definitely bring this up and I don’t think it would be too difficult. It’s essentially just adding a final table for the poker side of the leaderboard at the end. I am already tracking all these point issuances separately as well as collectively anyways so the standings are already there for Poker. If we do it, it likely won’t affect the leaderboard standings, but I’ll see if we can have an end of year Poker table for the Top 10 separate from the contest.


What is the prize for this contest again?

We’ll be clarifying that this week. There will likely be something small provided month to month for the top 10 on the leaderboard for that month, and a bigger prize at the end of the year with all points accrued. Specifics will be provided likely mid week.

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I’m in it for the long haul.

Can we still submit our spins transactions

The deadline was unfortunately passed on April 1st, but the lowest number to place in the top 10 was around $13 anyways.

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Dang 11th position

Lol youre tied for 5th place with 7 points and still have 8 more months of competitions