Bovada 10th Anniversary Leaderboard Competition!

Any more details yet?

Thank you for doing this!

Sorry for the delayed response, it simply means one deposit. In other words, the account just has to have made at least 1 deposit. You’re definitely good!

The poker events will be posted within this leaderboard thread when ready.

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Hopefully we get some great luck

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Count me in!

Am i qualified?

any updates

how do u qualify

The rules are explained in the post above, there is no specific requirement to enroll. These are events that will be rolling out through the entire year every month.

So far the only part posted is the March spin list which is unfortunately now closed if you haven’t opted in. There will still be a sports competition and Poker freeroll coming during the month that will be posted within this category so make sure to check in throughout the year!

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when will sports and poker start

last year it started 3/13

How do I sign up

@Gotdibbz No worries

How did I miss this. Is this a monthly opt in or did I miss out all together?

For free
Spins already opted in and already March 20 no spins?? Any update?

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They said towards the end of the month.

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They basically said by next wkend

Clink clink clink clink
Ding ding ding ding

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Hello all, this sounds cool. Im happy I found this part of Bovada, been a regular Poker player on this site for the last 2+ years.
I played in the last freeroll, how do I enter the leaderboard contest?

@MagikPockets welcome to the community. There will be competitions throughout the year which will earn points for the leaderboard. We will be posting information as soon as we have it regarding the next one.


The Leaderboard for March is as follows:

Posting Sports Points Assigned Spins Points Assigned Poker Points Assigned Totals
@lensmachamp 3 10 13
@Duckfan32 10 10
@Legend407 9 9
@MAJ321 9 9
@Chieftain 9 9
@Amswans 3 6 9
@Jaguar 9 9
@PJ8411 8 8
@soccerjunkie23 8 8
@kc_chuck 7 7
@cg103075 7 7
@Jovann 6 6
@JaneLA 5 5
@msw_123 5 5
@BomboRiviera 4 4
@MadRat2019 4 4
@Nashtc 3 3
@bookie13 3 3
@Msinn1010 3 3
@GeezeMoney03 3 3
@Vikings123 3 3
@trpfvr 3 3
@wheezer4 3 3
@jajaoly 3 3
@Bookie13 3 3
@Huwano 3 3
@alpinechap 3 3
@Soccergurlm93 2 2
@Clydem365 2 2
@StndrDeviant 1 1
@crystalgirly 1 1

We will be discussing the prizes for March and for the Year and likely have details prior to mid week.