Bovada NFL Weekly Mini Game Contest Week 3!

Hey everyone!

We’re officially onto week 3 of our Mini Game contest so if you entered week 1 and 2 get back in the game! The game will likely get released each Wednesday and get progressively harder so make sure to practice avoiding those obstacles! Some feedback from the previous week, please remember that it’s a double jump and not a hold for the extended jumps.

The game and full details on prizes can be found HERE.


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get a real contest where you pick 10 games and we choose winner

mix of NCAAF and NFL

this game is childish and takes no skill


no response?

You realize they already have that here, right?

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The new game is up and just announcing that this week’s winner was once again pulled from the Community. Just confirming details and we’ll be hopefully able to share their username soon.

I won!!! Thanks to bovada. Im not a bot or maybe i am lol


can i join and win again? lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is a good question, I’ll ask now.

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Is it too late for me to join in on this contest?

You can still join! Its every week for 18 weeks. This is only the 3rd week

@Busterboi yes you can still play even though you have already won!

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