Bovada Poker Tournaments Lobby Needs Redesign/Tutorial

I’m sorry, but this is utterly confusing. How about a legend that explains what all the terms mean? DS, PKO, etc. (Yes, now I know, but only after researching). If a company wants to grow and encourage new customers, assume that they will need some help with understanding when they first arrive.

Other members have written in valid questions: Why are some titles highlighted and others not? How do the prize pots get divided up among places paid, and how do those places paid progress, expand as more players enter?

Why would I play in what appears (see above image) to be an exact same tournament - $2,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels) for $25 buy-in, when the same tournament description appears for $5 buy-in?

My point isn’t necessarily to get answers to these questions through this Bovada Community venue, but to highlight that this area of Bovada is sorely lacking clarity. With all the poker being played here, and all the house money made, I don’t think it would be a huge investment to have an employee spend a day writing a tutorial to the Tournaments section. Better yet, and in addition to that, redesign the section. More columns in the list such as “places paid” comes to mind and something much more graphically appealing and easy to understand.

That’s my 5-minutes. Thanks for reading.

Hi @ConsiderThis,

We will into this as we understand making things easier helps everyone.

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Consider creating a poll: “Would you like to see the Poker Tournaments Lobby redesigned yes/no?” If so, please list your ideas. . . .

This is a great idea, we will share this with our Leadership Team and let you know.

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Thank you Mikey. Lastly, let me add, that my example shown above doesn’t even begin to touch on the complexity of the “satellite” system. Once you throw that into the picture, it gets even harder to understand. I still don’t understand satellites comprehensively, and there is currently nowhere to learn. The jargon is very confusing. Try to teach through writing narrative examples. Such as "Meet Bill. Bill’s goal is to play the Monthly Milly for free. Here is what Bill will have to do . . . step 1, step 2, step 3, etc. etc. etc. The IRS does this in tax publications to explain complicated instructions.

Here is an example of a really well done tutorial video, the style of which I think could be adopted by Bovada to explain the Poker Tournaments Lobby.


Making thing less complicated is what we are about so we will definitely share your ideas.

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