Bovada refusing to compensate for casino loss caused by technical issue

I recently had a problem when playing Caribbean Hold’em, it was either server lag or connection issues, that resulted in hands being played rapidly that I had not control over. I lost about $2700, a lot of money, which is important to me. Bovada support has done nothing, and pretty much has said there was no problem at all.

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Not shocked place is kinda of getting bad lately hope they fix it

To provide context here, this was reviewed and no issues were found with the gameplay on our end, and there were no other reported issues at the time of the review.

Without some form of screenshot or proof of any of this, all we can do is review the actual gameplay, and this does show the bets being placed as well as the raise or fold actions on follow which the system shouldn’t be able to complete on it’s own. We are of course sorry for any frustration here, but all review of this does show that the actions were completed unfortunately.

Yeah because I’m supposed to screenshot every-time I play, and like I said I was unaware the issue was occurring, because my balance in the corner was not reflecting multiple hands being played.