Bovada, step up your game

I’m currently legend II status on bovada and get horrible bonus offers. Yet, I’m only chrome level on ignition and they give out great, usable bonuses like this? Come on Bovada, step up your game.


I mean honestly that’s not a great bonus at all. That is probably $5 in actual value. 25 free spins on 777 is essentially nothing with it being so volatile. You’re probably looking at $2-5 on average for a return and a $7 sitngo is worthless unless you actually win.

But when you think about it, the deposit bonuses are rolled over so very rarely they are a waste of time. And both the free spins and jackpot sit and go ticket are just 1x rollover

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Does bovada ever give reward points drops anymore? and where did the BTC exclusive rewards go? I’ve been using bovada for a long time but i’m seriously thinking of switching

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It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve received one as well imo bovada is struggling to keep their head above water and can’t afford to lose any money. But, they took the wrong approach. I was spending 10xs as much money on bovada when the rewards and bonuses were more frequent


i haven’t received a drop in months…

Damn. That’s brutal. It’s absolutely insane how they can take members of the same level and treat them completely different. They do this constantly

I’m a Legend level 2 as well and don’t receive any perks/bonuses at all anymore. As you mention, I’m also much more inclined to spend more when offered better/bigger bonuses. Bovada’s marketing team is clueless.


I’m Hall of Fame and haven’t gotten a bonus or anything in months - used to get bonuses and cool stuff all the time

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Yeah good luck. I’m with you 100%. Also Legend II and after they got hacked and we dealt with that for months, I have yet to recieve any weekly BTC Exclusive bonuses and was told “thats up to our marketing department”. Hate it too b/c I’m a bovada fan and never had any true issues other than some settlement wager issues here and there. Amazing they are dropping off like this. As soon as its legal where I live I’m bouncing.


They do still give Reward Points out, but they are infrequent and seem a lot smaller. I just received yesterday some RPs -(see below) - but that was after losing about $1,700+. (Still, I did appreciate getting them).

Another little gift

Jul 25, 2022


Heads up, we just dropped a gift of 76464 Rewards Points into your account!

Head over to your Rewards Dashboard and click on the OFFERS tab to see what’s available.

Have a great day,

Bovada Customer Service

Nice! I haven’t received one since March… just losing faith in them overall… I’m guessing I’ll start driving over to a neighboring state line to make my plays going forward. That sportsbook has given me some really good stuff over the last few weeks

Bovada is the most ungonized of any of the online casjnos and passes the buck every chance they get. It is very odd that they dont come up a standarized system to make their life easy and ne transparent. They also make a lot of mistakes on grading , bonuses arent issued correctly and it always turns into a week long invesigatjon to get anything fixed.

I am a hosted player and argue with them all the time. I can call one time and am told my bonus # s are too high and cant get a bonus. I can call later and they are fine. I mean wtf!!!

They need to

  1. standardize bonuses and offes so its a click of a button not phone call after phone call
  2. make visible how rewards are computed. The host team doeasnt even have this info…and more than 75% of.the time its wrong