Build an Open Wager dashboard tracker

Ok a suggestion to make the user experience better in Bovada. A dedicated page displaying Open Wagers. We kinda already have this now but its a tiny side view, or the transactions page. I want to see a page to track the open wagers I have in current status.

For example:
I make 6 bets on the NFL. 2 single bets, 2 parlay bets, a game prop and nfl player prop wager. These games are all going on at this time. I would love a scoreboard tracker of each of the games to track these wagers. It could be a very basic design. Just give current game clock and score. Also maybe a tracker of that bet. Showing my team is not covering or my player hasn’t hit his rushing yards total yet.

It doesnt have to be complex. Just list basic info: Bets # active, amount wagered, possible win, game scoreboard.

I just think the Open Wagers sections needs an overhaul. Let me go through my history, or sort through bet types. There is an entire day of NFL games, Im usually making wagers all day long. I would love a dashboard tracker to see how Im doing each day.

Bovada, hope you will take this under consideration. TY.

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great minds think alike :slight_smile: