Can a Moderator confirm is this bet is No Action or not?

@moderators @Brooke_Bovada @James_Bovada can someone confirm if this bet is still active or is going to be called “no action”. Not sure if Mark Fletcher Jr. started game 1 last night. Some clarity would be helpful! Thank you

Doesn’t matter if he started as long as he played

It says on the bottom line “must start Game 1 for Action” . I hope it still is open cause he did play game 1 and scored a TD too lol. Just wasn’t sure about how Bovada would decide this.

Well since this is bovada if he goes over they’ll say its no action because he didn’t start game one. If he goes under they’ll mark it as a loss.

Apologies for the delayed response, I confirmed this with Sports basically it must meet both conditions to have action - he has to play in the very first game and when he does play that game, he must be in the starting line up @CowboyCane12

You guys shoupd probably charge that on your description @Brooke_Bovada

It clearly just says he must play in game 1

All you’re going to get is confusing by also studying he needs to atart at the end

Because the 2 aren’t the same thing

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well the game was played last night. Can you @moderators tell me if bovada has determined if he “started” or not. If he did not start according to Bovada, can you can go ahead and rule “No Action” so I can just get my money back. It says must start for action so if it’s determined he didn’t start then it should be no action. @Brooke_Bovada @Mikey_Bovada@Vicky_Bovada

This wager was voided.