Can’t trust live bets/Bovada

Well this has been a fun 6 year ride but think I hit my point of giving up as well… took a live bet 3 leg parlay, little to find out one of the games I took had already ended and was a loss before I took it. How can a “gambling site” have such issues they allow to still post lines that are an auto loss and support said “well this was on you since you should follow our rules and make sure games are still going on what we offer”… who the hell is gonna keep lines open and pull that


It happened to me the same and they settled as past wager etc. they sending the faqs to refer​:sweat_smile::joy:

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@moderators would love your opinion on how this is a site to rely on and take bets when there is no protection for your loyal customers

They had a line -5.5 in basketball when team up 9 into the 4th quarter. I check 2 mins later online since no line change and saw game ended already and they won by 4. That’s just bad business and a shady setup for people. Went to support chat while they still had the line open to bet on and “nothing we can do, I understand your frustration but on you”

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Yet if you do your due diligence and see the game has ended and the team won by 4 so you take the other team +5.5 they’d void the bet based on line error.

100% guaranteed


Oh 10000 percent

Yea. Line error has been used to void a few of my bets. Even after it was paid out as a winner.
Go back 15 mins later the money is gone. I base my betting on my pot, hard to do on this site.

This happened to me during the World Series. Got no help or ANYTHING from the support staff after multiple chats and calls. This unfortunately isn’t a new thing with bovada and while the terms and conditions are on their side, it still doesn’t seem right to ignore these issues the way bovada ignores them.

It happened to me several times recently and with bovada rules and regulations they cook and tell the story. So frustrating.

Never. But NEVER use Bovada’s cashout. It is a joke, unfair odds to the max. Better take a loss than cooperate with this “feature”.