Can we get more options for NBA 2k esports?

Can we get leagues like CLA and Liga pro added back instead of the extremely fixed NBA blitz h2h? They don’t even offer streams for those games and scores are constantly changed after the game is over.

I know CLA and Liga pro are available because everytime H2H goes down, they throw up lines for the other leagues until it is fixed.

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Cyber Live Arena nba2k lines were up briefly earlier today, so the capability is there. Can you please reach out to the sportsbook manager to have it added back permanently?

@moderators add back over and under for each quarter on the nba blitz league h2h and esports ……….

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The last two h2h 2k games I bet on were extremely rigged. As soon as I placed a bet the team I bet on literally stopped playing…twice in a row. I talked to customer service and they said those games are third party so it’s out their control lol. Thanks for robbing me Bovada :+1: merry Christmas

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Man are you talking about that spooky and guru game where spooky scored 19 in the 1st quarter then a measley 2 points in the 2nd quarter?

It was evergreen vs guru and lanez vs orez. About 3 days ago. Scored 2-4 points in the 4th after scoring 16-19 point every quarter lol straight rigged

They have no input on how these games end or are played but can assure they are not rigged…lol ok :+1:

Thank goodness CLA is back! Way better than playing that super shady H2H and ebattle. Hopefully it stays this time

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@moderators can we get Cyber Live Arena added back? It was just on here a few days ago so the capability is there.

It would depend n the availability. PM us with any specific games you want added and we can send a request to sports to see if it would be possible.

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Can we get over and under for every quarter on the nba blitz g league would be most appreciated that’s what I started off playing on BOVADA enjoyed that option

This is not something we will be able to provide at this time unfortunately