Can We Get Some Cryptocurrency options that are actually useable cryptos?

Bitcoin Cash, Nano, Cardano, Ethereum Layer 2 coins like Polygon (MATIC), etc.

Ethereum has become useless on the main blockchain due to it’s ridiculous fees, Bitcoin’s roadmap looks to be headed in the same direction, it’s being touted as a store-of-value these days, people are losing interest in it as a currency. but there’s plenty of cryptos out there that still want to be a currency, and it would be great if Bovada included them as options.

Not only would Bovada save money with fees, having useable cryptos would encourage more transactions.


Hi @mason9

Thank you for the feedback. We are continuously exploring new crypto options and we’ll circle back here once we have plans for new crypto methods.

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BCH has been available for a while. low fees

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EOS is awesome fast and virtually free.

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