Can you settle this wager

Can you settle this wager ? I have already won I can use that money to bet on games . I will really appreciate it . Ref. PROPS-96457423

This was settled.

@moderators can y’all check this bet. Ref. 23051735805633

According to the rules I found in the help section it states that overtime is considered part of the second half. If that’s the case, this bet should be a win because they scored enough.

I think that would be for a 2nd half wager, but i’ll take a look.

@Cody_123 I think that will count, I’m sending it over to sports to check for you.

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Ok thanks. From the info I was able to find on it I think it should be a win.

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@Cody_123 That should be good now.

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Thanks I appreciate the help.

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