Can't get customer service help

What the hell I just got done playing a session of video poker where I usually double most of my hands well when you start getting zero opportunities to win almost every time I’d say at least 75% of the time I had no chance to win I really would like to see my stats and see those hands and go back and track the numbers because it’s been happening a lot lately even if you get a five you’re all that’s on the board is 24 a three and a two I like this looked into and I’d like to see my numbers but I can’t get a hold of customer service to b**** at them so I’m bringing it here


Bovada is facing a s***storm right now with sports being down


I am sorry to hear of this for sure, though you should be able to actually track this yourself in your transactions as well. Note that our games do run on a fair RNG and this does mean that bad runs can happen as it is based on luck.

A quick review of your last session of jack’s or better does show for instance does a pretty steady run close to 50% play, where you even at one point doubled the funds you had put in. I do see near the end there was a run of quite a few hands where you lost, but again this can happen sadly when dealing with any casino game.

Mostly I was referring to the double up option where the situation often is you have 0 cards that can win.


I will track it next time so time to go switch the meter for me.


That’s amazing they can’t even give you a 1 in 5 shot at doubling. Stealing money.

I won on Casino slots and went did a withdrawal and now my money is gone. And customer service has not helped me one bit.

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Hi I’m in the same boat not being able to get a hold of someone about an issue with free spins that I just had. Never posted on here before but was wondering if someone from the bovada team could help me out?

@ISAAC0825 I’m a little unsure of your issue here as I see the withdrawal was made in December.
Can you please send a PM if you need help.

@Dibosox5 Welcome to the community, can you please send a PM if you still need help and we will take a look for you,

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Hi i was trying to chat with customer service but it just was spinning in a circle for 10 mins. My question is, i just did a withdrawal for $200 so i was wondering if it was too late to cancel and do a withdrawal for $300 or should i wait for this one to process

Ultimately adding amounts to your withdrawal resets the process so it would be up to you. Note that if a crypto deposit you won’t be able to withdraw the same type of crypto currency for 72 hours afterwards.

Ahhh I understand so probably best to just wait it out. But it should process by end if today?

Crypto withdrawals are meant to be approved in less than 24 hours, while other forms generally take around 24-48 hours.

Is it at least processing? Usually doesn’t take this long

Seems your withdrawal was just processed around the 2 hour mark. Note that we can’t really provide any specifics other than it is intended to be approved in less than 24 hours. It can be quicker or slower depending on volume essentially.

Hello guys, I have a different phone number when I joined Bovada. Now my number has changed and I have no way of taking out my money. Customer service isn’t no help, I can’t even do live chat.

This has been responded to via PM. However, you will unfortunately need to join live chat to complete this. I have provided steps in your messages.

Sick of this site last night I open my account and notice money is gone magically there is a bet placed for 200 on Steelers +11.5 that I never placed which peanuts. Could not get a hold of anybody finally I decided to call they pretty much told me to F off not to mention I’m an all star level 3 and when the site went down they gave me 30 bucks where most of my friends got in between 150-300 in credit complete trash. No compensation for site mistakes and no customer service help at all so upset.

@Sjdrago We’re sorry to hear of any frustration here. On review though we do see the wager that was placed but this wager was placed during a live match and ultimately we have to go by what we see on our end. The system wouldn’t simply place a wager without any user input. We understand if you don’t remember making this wager or feel you didn’t make it, but on our end we can’t simply refund or remove any wager players state they didn’t make without any proof.

Also I have reviewed the calls now, and to say that the agents told you to F off is inaccurate. they weren’t able to refund you as again there’s nothing showing on our end that this wasn’t placed on your end, but on quick review I do not hear them being rude or having said anything of the sort.

As for the site outages, this compensation was based on activity the week prior to the outage to weigh the impact. There doesn’t appear to be very much activity on your account during this timeframe which is likely why you didn’t receive as much as some other players.