Caribbean hold’em

For anyone unfamiliar, this is called Caribbean hold’em. You get two cards, you see the flop (first 3 cards) and either raise or fold. This doesn’t happen in real life. Maybe once or twice. Every time I play this game it’s some bs like this. I can only upload 5 but I have about 50 screenshots

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That is pretty awful that it keeps happening over and over again. I’m sorry…

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Yea that’s pretty bad

I thought that this hand should have paid me $75 for the progressive payout. I understand the hand is a push against the dealer. Shouldnt have i won $75?

Progressive pays on your cards and the flop only

Did you not see my screenshots? You should never play this game and especially not with the progressive at a low bet size. You’re guaranteed to lose. The progressive bet only makes sense with big bets or else in this case it’s 1/3 of your entire bet meaning you’re giving a HUGE edge to the casino. Don’t play this game either way though

Looks like the same RNG system they use at the normal poker tables