Cash Out a Round Robin

Disclaimer: I’ve made this request to support and been denied, so this is not a suggestion that I actually think will get me anywhere. This post is more to see if other players agree with me, or with Bovada, on this one.

I placed an 8 team round robin (only the two-way components) with 7 single game bets and one futures bet (an NBA Finals Winner for next year). Two of the 7 other bets won, and one pushed, so theoretically I have three open parlays at this time. I would like to cash those out based on the current odds of my team to win the finals. What are people’s thoughts on this? Is this an unrealistic expectation to be able to do this?

Support gave me a hard denial but there wasn’t much of an explanation. It was basically just “if there’s no cash out option available, you can’t cash it out” :roll_eyes:

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I would think if you knew you were making a future bet involved then you already know the wait you are in for? A round robin already has a sense of insurance or chance of getting some money if not all picks are correct. Maybe something in their favor could be you forfeit the future pick to get the other cashouts but lose the round Robin’s that have that pick to get the others to cashout now? If you needed the money or wanted it?

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Out of curiosity, did you put the futures NBA bet in purposely? Sounds like something I would do accidentally and realizing about 4 seconds after I pressed confirm! Also, who are we cheering for the rest of the year?!

I did put it on purpose at the time, but I may not have been entirely sober. Part of it also was that I was winning fairly consistently when I placed this, which has dried up recently.

And it’s on the Nuggets, I got them at 20 to 1 which I still think is somewhat good value. Just would rather have access to the funds at this point in time.