Cash out China bet

Can you cash out my synchronized diving bet for China

Hi, I’m afraid we are unable to cash out wagers. Cash out won’t be available on all lines.
Is this a live line you wagered on?

Can you at calc odds on parlay? Payout is wrong

+110 & -110 is not 2.3 decimal. Should be 1.91 x 2.1 which is closer to 4.0

We will check and let you know.

Do you have a screenshot confirming the odds as the type of bet will not display the odds?

I dont have screenshot of odds but it was +110 any time hurts td and o1.5 passing tds -110.

Seeing that this is a prop bet we won’t be able to confirm what the odds are when the wager is placed.

Well look at the singles. The payout for the single td was +110. Its just wrong. I dont take screen shots of every bet i make.