Cashout Option in Live Betting for Table Tennis

I know this Cashout function is available in silly things like NFL/NBA/NHL SIMULATIONS!!!..
but it is not available in Table Tennis. I cannot understand why? You all could stand to make (and save) a lot of money by offering this. I also know that this is simply a programmable thing, as Cashout is calculated by current odds. Could someone explain why this feature isn’t available for Table Tennis? Thank you.

We’ll take a look into whether or not cashout will be offered for Table Tennis and get back to you.

Thank you! I hope you all find a way to incorporate it–it’s available in regular tennis, and all other sports, so why not table tennis? would make for a lot more ways to bet, and A LOT more ways for bovada to make money while offering more options to the players. a win-win situation!

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Should be available for all.

I agree, Elvis. Seems weird that it’s available for some and not the rest.

Have you seen how fast the lines change in Table Tennis? During the live event, it’s almost impossible to make a bet because literally, the bet lines gray out every second. With that being the case, it would be difficult to process a early cash out (although I would love to see it as well).

yeah, you have a point kman, but there are plenty of breaks in action (end of each set) and every 6 points where we would be able to cash out. the more global view of this is that with Table tennis being so volatile, more players would be willing to cash out, which is what Bovada wants. there is no denying that the cashout feature is a cash cow for any sportsbook, and that integrating it into as many sports as possible should be a goal, despite the rate at which lines change. right?

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Just circling back to let you know that we’ve introduced cash out for moneyline wagers on Table Tennis.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Thanks Louis! I just actually noticed it a few minutes ago. Appreciate the dedication you all show to this forum and our suggestions.


It’s no problem at all! Feel free to send over any other ideas you have in the future :slight_smile:


The mods come through again