Casino grind is rough

It’s been a hard week. -400 quickly


-4K here recent for me

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What I’m trying to figure out is how to hit big wins on less than 5 dollar bets…never happens for me


Biggest hit I have seen on less than $5 is Buffalo $2 with a 550x. Didn’t see a dime of it as I was on $15k rollover bonus and it was around 50% of play through. That was the session I realized bonus matches are just bait for deposit and not an actual reward.


Happens, just takes a lot of patience… Less volatile games are where I have better luck with low bets. Just my personal approach though. Some go small bets on high volatility and hope to just hit a big win. For example - made $2800 on Caesars with $120 in and $2 bets. The bonuses can go on forever sometimes. Just gotta be patient.

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It’s just not even fun anymore. Doesn’t matter what I deposit or game I play my balance drops straight down to around the upper 20’s… I might float around for a couple spins than bye… free spins are nothing more than a tease right now. When I do get a free spin or bonus … it’s low. Running 2 months like this. I think I have had enough. Even their poker is unavailable and I just don’t trust the system. I have adventured out and when you are invited with open arms with 50 free spins and the lowest rollovers I ever seen … rake backs… weekly … when you lose they have programs to set you back up. I’m very disappointed in the care lacks in it’s clients. Y’all have plenty of money from me… and you win … I enjoy the community more than the casino… I play random free spins now but I’m lucky to hit 2 bucks… so I went for an win … went through a grand in a few days… it wasn’t even fun… just felt played and take advantage of… I’m a freebie player only now until I feel some love.

Agreed. I’m getting to the point of only staying involved here for the community aspect. Land casinos are back open now and trying to actively get their regulars back in with great promotions and rewards so no point to dump a bunch of money on the Bovada casino when they don’t offer anything worthwhile, for example…
When land casinos gives you house money to play on as a promotion they usually don’t tie it to some kind of massive rollover requirement, as in here’s $50 but you need to play through $1,750 to keep any of your winnings oh and also you can’t play more than $10 a spin to do it… Real casinos know that their regular/VIP players will come back regardless and so they treat them as valuable to their business by not putting ridiculous requirements on their promotions.
I lost all respect for how players are treated here when I was told, “you can lose your hosted status if you win more than you lose for a period of time”. Uhhh what? Have any of these folks in marketing and promotions ever been to a real casino? Everyone will end up losing more than they win over the long run…but you don’t punish your high depositing players because they go on a lucky streak.


Yes!!! The rollovers are such a scam. I never mess with those… but yeah we’re finally starting to get free plays and hotel invites again. I guess Bovada sees this and is cashing out.

If you’re going to degen, at least give yourself a shot with NBA, MLB, Ponies on the side.


I posted a $400 something winner betting $1.50 on That 5 Time Vegas game the other day… but I totally agree … very rare

This week was a rough one beginning of the week hitter now I’m out til Monday. Lost all winnings. And some, it’s all good it’s part of the game miss playing. Til Monday!!!

Even if it was a hit seemed to not be paying more the .99 cents

Yep it definitely happens a lot on here. I am done playing for the next few wks as I lost a ton on sports betting. 4K in the last month

Sorry to hear that. Next time.

That’s why I get point drops often because I’ve been here for 13 years and lose that kinda money

Bovada only regularly point drops ppl they know are losers every year and have been here forever . Sucks But it is true

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■■■■ing reels and wheels xl dos the jackpot wheel even exist?


I hit it couple days ago. It literally stopped on f’ing Vegas and then flicked to the mini haha

Ya but I mean I’ve got spins probably 50 times…no jp wheel…bad luck I guess

Never saw the jackpot in many wheel bonus rounds either but haven seen many people say they hit it